Why you should use colour hair wax sticks

Why you should use colour hair wax sticks


8/2/20224 min read

Have you thought about switching up your hairstyle, but you can’t seem to go past some challenges?

Even if the wearing of wigs seems like the go-to hairstyle for almost every black lady these days, there are times when you just want to switch things up or have a more natural look.

The truth is that you cannot deny the bright look that wearing your natural hair, braiding it, or wearing a hairstyle that reveals some sections of your natural hair gives.

It is great to wear hairstyles that allow you to sleek down your edges, but sometimes some challenges may stop you.

Having bald spots around your edges, evening up the colour of your hair, or simply wanting to change your hair colour can stop you.

This is where the importance of colour hair wax comes in. Colour hair wax helps you to rise above the limitations of your natural hair.

With colour hair wax, you can add colour to your hair without compromising the health of your hair. Whether you want to cover up bald spots, even up the colour of your hair, or simply just want to change the colour of your hair - colour hair wax is the best product for you.

Before we go ahead to talk about the benefits and uses of colour hair wax, it is good you know what colour hair wax is?

This article is about.

What is colour hair wax?

What is colour hair wax stick?

What are the benefits of colour hair wax sticks?

  • Hiding bald spots

  • Covering grey hairs

  • Perfectly blends your natural hair with your hair extension

What is colour hair wax?

Colour hair wax is a hair styling product that adds colour and shine to your hair without damaging it. These hair products are made with petroleum jelly and beeswax (this is the major ingredient in dyes).
The combination of petroleum jelly, colour, and other active ingredients makes colour hair wax add temporary colour to the hair while leaving it healthy.

This formulation of petroleum jelly and colour comes together to create a hair colour that makes it a great option for people that want to stay away from chemicals.

We have talked about colour hair wax and its benefits, but colour hair wax stick takes all these benefits to another level.

What are the benefits of colour hair wax sticks?

Can you imagine having a hair styling product that colours your hair, sleeks it down, and adds shine to it at the same time?

This is exactly what colour hair wax does for you and even more.

We have talked about what colour hair wax sticks are all about, now we are going to look at the benefits of colour hair wax sticks.

Colour hair wax sticks have lots of benefits, let us take a look at some of them:

Hiding bald spots

If you naturally have thinning edges or have some bald spots along your edges, colour hair wax is one product that can help you cover up hair spaces.

Orbeste colour hair wax stick is a great choice for you. It comes in different colours like - natural black, dark brown, medium brown, and light brown.

These colours are the basic colours of a majority of natural hairs. The great thing about these hair wax sticks is that it is made to perfectly blend with your hair texture and colour.

Colour hair wax stick blends well with your hair that it could be quite difficult for anyone to notice the bald spots on your hair.

Colour hair wax sticks are better options for hiding bald spots compared to regular dyes, because:

  • I. They are made to add shine which makes it look more natural.

  • II. They pose little or no threat to the health of your already thinning hair or fragile scalp.

Covering grey hairs

When it comes to covering up grey hairs, colour hair wax sticks are perfect.

Grey hairs are beautiful, but sometimes natural grey hairs can grow unevenly. Some people notice new grey growth around their edges, while the remaining parts of their hair remain black/brown.

In this case, you may want to hide the grey parts of the hair to make your hair colour more even. Using dyes may worsen the colour problem that you are trying to solve on your hair. This is because most dyes contain chemical components that bleach the hair.

In most situations, people with grey hair end up suffering from colour discolouration after applying regular dyes to their hair.

This is why you should use colour hair wax sticks. Clour hair wax sticks are great for concealing grey hairs because:

They are made to perfectly conceal the colour of the hair without compromising its health.

You don’t need to be a professional hairstylist to use colour hair wax sticks, unlike hair dyes. It comes in a convenient container that allows you to easily colour and style your hair on the go.

Perfectly blends your natural hair with your hair extension

Colour hair wax sticks are the best hair styling product that is perfect for ponytails and leave-outs.

If you love to wear ponytails or love to leave out your natural hair while attaching hair extensions, then Tazol colour hair wax stick is what you need.

Orbeste colour hair wax stick perfectly helps your natural hair blend with your hair extension, especially for hairstyles like ponytails and leave-outs.

If your hair colour is different from your hair extension, your hair will likely stick out and stand in your way of achieving a nice sleek-down ponytail.

A colour hair wax stick will help you blend the colour of your natural hair with your hair extension. Leaving you with natural-looking even colour hair.

They are also perfect for leave-out hairstyles, because:

  1. They help you blend the colour of your hair with that of the hair extension.

  2. They help the texture of your hair blend perfectly with that of the hair extension.

  3. They help you achieve a flat sleek down part (whether it is a side, centre, U-part, or C-curve part)

Colour hair wax sticks sure have amazing benefits, but using them in the right way will determine the result that you would get.

It is always good to make sure your hair is clean and free from product build-up before using colour wax sticks on your hair. Using a colour wax stick on dirty hair can cause flaking and may generally prevent you from getting your expected result.

Do you have any more questions about the colour hair wax stick? Let us know in the comment box below.

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