What Kind of Wax do You Use for Dreads?

Hair Wax for dreads

11/6/20224 min read

There are different types of waxes, but which is best for dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are distinctive hairstyles that do not get outdated. This hairstyle is unique because anyone can wear it regardless of their hair texture.

This beautiful hairstyle can be ever-green but sometimes difficult to manage and maintain. Dreadlocks can become brittle, matted, and generally challenging to maintain when you use the wrong products.

Maintaining a healthy dreadlock involves a lot of processes, but one of the most important processes is choosing the right wax for your dreadlocks.

In this article, we will show you how to choose the right wax for your dreadlock.

What is wax and how does it work?

Hair wax is a type of cream (usually with thick consistency) that is made to style and hold the hair in place. Hair wax is usually used to define specific hairstyles like mohawks.

The basic function of hair wax is to bind hair strands together and protect them from other environmental factors. Hair wax keeps the hair in place and prevents flyaways.

Why do you need wax for dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks are beautiful hairstyles that are achieved by twisting and matting hair strands to form knots. While some dreadlocks are formed naturally (free-form dreads), others are formed by manually knotting hair strands or by using synthetic products.

You need to care for your dreadlocks to prevent them from getting brittle or matted. One of the ways to care for your dreadlocks is by choosing the right wax.

Wax helps you to tame frizz and keep your dreadlocks clean. If you want to wear a temporary dread, then you need wax to help you form the dreads.

How to choose the best wax for dreadlocks?

There are different types of hair wax ranging from natural to synthetic wax. While some people prefer to use natural products like beeswax others prefer synthetic wax like pomades.

A lot of personalities come into choosing products for your hair. Every hair is different, what works for one hair may not work for the other.

You should consider the following when choosing a wax for your dreadlocks:

Your hair texture

Your choice of hair wax depends on the texture of your hair. For example, if you have thick and coarse hair, you would need a stronghold wax. A stronghold wax will perfectly bind your hair strands together.

If you have fine/thin hair, then a light-hold wax will be a better option for you. Using stronghold wax on your thin/fine hair may weigh it down or make it appear greasy.

Your choice hairstyle

Your choice of hairstyle will also determine the kind of wax you should use. If you want to achieve a natural matted look, you may choose to use beeswax. On the other hand, synthetic wax is better if you want to achieve a shiny or temporary look.

The size of your dreadlocks

The larger your dreadlocks the more wax you will need. You may need to put in more effort to bind your hair strands together if your locks are large. Smaller dreadlocks are easier to manage, and a lightweight wax will work perfectly.

Styling process

If you want an apply-and-go wax application process, then synthetic wax may be your best option. Most synthetic waxes come in a pomade-like manner, which allows you to apply and style them on the go.

Types of wax for dreadlocks?

They are two types of hair wax; natural hair wax and synthetic hair wax. While some people like to use natural hair wax, others prefer synthetic hair wax.

Let us take a look at both natural and synthetic hair waxes.

Natural hair wax

Natural hair wax is gotten from nature. Beeswax is one of the most common natural hair wax gotten from bees. Many people with dread prefer to use beeswax because of the healthy nutrients that it contains and its ability to hold the hair in place without leaving grease or white residues.

Synthetic hair wax

Synthetic hair wax are made from synthetic material like plastic, petroleum jelly, chemicals, etc. Some synthetic hair wax contains natural products like the essential oil. These essential oils help to provide shine and useful vitamins to the hair strands.

Some people prefer to use synthetic wax because it allows them to style their hair on the go.

Things to avoid when choosing a wax

There are loads of wax products. While some may work well for your hair, others may cause damage to your dreadlocks.

We have talked about how to choose a wax for your dreadlocks, but it is good for you to know the things to avoid when choosing one. You should avoid the following when choosing wax for your dreads:

  • Buying a wax without hair texture prescription

One mistake you should avoid when choosing a wax or any hair product is buying one that does not work well with your hair texture. While some products are great for fine/thick hair, others are better for thick hair.

If you are new to dreadlocks, you may not be able to which product works for your hair easily. That is why you look out for the product description to see if it will work for you. You can also do good research if you are confused.

You can read reviews of different products, or talk to people with dreadlocks to get their opinions on different products.

  • Comprising the health of your hair

Many people with thick hair want to go for stronghold wax, but be careful not to compromise the health of your hair for hold or other reasons

Avoid buying wax that consists of most chemical and synthetic products. Look out for hair products with natural ingredients like; honey, and essential oils (olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, etc.).

The health of your hair is important regardless of your style preference.

  • Wax products that don’t suit your lifestyle

It is important to consider your lifestyle when choosing wax for your dread. If you are most active, then you should a wax that would hold the strands of your hair for a long time. You want to avoid any wax that will easily be washed down with heat or sweat

  • Best wax for dreadlocks

We have covered the basic things that you should know about choosing a wax for your dreadlock. To take away the burden of researching different wax from you, we have selected the best wax for your dreadlocks.

Why do you choose our locking firm wax?

This product is formulated to give a strong lasting hold to dreadlocks. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly wax for your dreadlocks, then this is your best choice because:

  • It does not cause flake

  • It gets absorbed into your hair strands easily without sitting on the surface.

  • Asides from binding dreadlocks together, Tazol locking firm wax moisturizes your scalp and provides your hair with healthy nutrients.

  • It prevents matting and dryness of dreadlocks.

Many people find dreadlocks challenging to maintain, but you can have healthy dreadlocks with the right regimen and product.

Do you have more questions? Let us know in the comment section.