How to Build a Successful Brand with a Private-Label Hair Care Manufacturer

Building a hair care brand is great, but working with a private-label manufacturer makes the process easy.

11/16/20220 min read

Do you wish to own a successful hair care brand?

It can be intriguing to be finally launching your haircare brand, especially as a hair enthusiast or a hairstylist. No doubt, owning your hair care product is a good way to improve your (salon’s) brand identity.

It indirectly tells your customers; We are the best in the industry!

It emphasizes that you are so good at what you do to the extent of going ahead to make your product. It helps people look at your brand with a more professional outlook.

When it comes to launching a hair care product line, many people just think about mixing chemicals and putting them in a bottle. Well, this is not always the case.

You can easily launch your hair care product line with a private-label hair care product manufacturer.

With a private-label hair care manufacturer, you are simply adopting a product that has already been created and tested. You also get to choose the branding, packaging, and how you generally want the product to look.

Does that mean you just sit back while the manufacturer takes care of everything?

Well, this is not the case. Private labelling saves you time, but the level of personality and flair that you can infuse into the product can also determine how well you will build a successful brand.

Building a successful private-label hair care brand sure starts with working with a good manufacturer, but that is not all there is.

In this article, we will look at all you need to know to build a successful brand with a private-label hair care manufacturer.

In this article, you will:

a. Understand the advantages of working with a private-label hair care manufacturer.

b. Learn how private-label helps you build a great brand strategy.

c. 4 tips to successfully sell a private-label brand.

d. How to prevent product failure with a private-label brand.

Before we dive into the following topics above, let us establish who a private-label manufacturer is.

Who is a Private-Label Manufacturer?

A private label manufacturer is a third-party manufacturer that creates a product under a retailer’s brand name. A private-label manufacturer creates the product for specific retail brands.

In private labelling, the manufacturer solely takes the responsibility of showing up with a good product. It means that the manufacturer is responsible for the whole production process. From product formulation/specification to packaging, and everything in between.

Even though the manufacturer takes on the task of the entire production process, you can choose. You can choose the ingredients, the packaging, etc. You still have control, because it is technically your product.

Once the product is made, it will be shipped to you, then you can take things up from there.

Most private-label manufacturers produce high-quality products because they see the product as an extension of their brand as well. So, if the product succeeds, the private-label manufacturer succeeds too by extension. They are also able to build goodwill for their business.

What are the Advantages of working with a private-label hair care manufacturer?

Private labelling is the way to go; whether you are trying to build your hair care brand from scratch or trying to add existing products to your hair care line.

Using a private label manufacturer to build your hair care brand will not only save you time but resources especially if you are working independently or with a small team.

Private labelling is great for both budding and existing businesses. In this section, you will learn the advantages/benefits of working with a private-label manufacturer.

You will enjoy the following if you choose to work with a private-label manufacturer:

Control Over Production

Control is one of the perks that come with running a business and this is what a private label gives you.

Just like you can control how you want your product to look if you are formulating it from the scratch, you also enjoy that kind of control with private-label.

The major difference is that you don’t pass through the stress of product formulation if you use a private-label manufacturer.

The great thing about private-label is, as a retailer you have control over every part of your product. You can choose the ingredients, the colour of the product, and even the overall packaging.

The fact that the product bears your brand makes it easy for you to build customer loyalty. People get dedicated to the brand that they love, and working with a top-notch private label company makes it easy for you to build a trusted brand over time.

Higher Profit Margin

Do you know that people buy private-label products because of higher profit margins?

Retailers tend to experience a higher profit margin with private-label products because they control the entire supply chain. The private-label manufacturer simply follows the retailer's instructions to formulate and brand the product.

The cost of production drastically reduces since the retailer only pays for formulated products and shipping. Having total control over the pricing of a product gives room for a better profit margin compared to resale products.

The truth is, the cost of making your product (especially working with a large-scale private-label manufacturer) is more affordable than buying premade products. With a private label, you have the freedom to determine your price and make more money on each sale.

Product Exclusivity

Private-label gives you exclusive rights to your product even if you did not formulate the product from the scratch. The private-label company has nothing to do with the product after formulation and shipping.

The independence that you enjoy with a private-label company allows you to control where your product will be sold. If you don’t want to do wholesale, you can concentrate on developing the uniqueness of your product and just retail.

Good branding and marketing can help create demand for your products.

Increased Brand Exposure and Additional Income from Wholesaling

You can increase your product exposure and make an additional income by wholesaling your product. You can offer limited products to other retailers for a premium cost.

The more wholesalers carry your products to sell in their stores, the more shelves people can find your product. This will also lead to additional income for you.

How Can I Build A Great Brand Strategy with Private-Label?

Do you know why people like to work with private-label manufacturers?

Regardless of the niche; skincare, haircare, pharmaceuticals, etc. many retailers prefer to use private labels because of the potential for a higher profit margin.

No doubt, businesses make more income from private labels, but that does not happen automatically.

There is a secret to building a successful private-label business.

Private-label is a great way to go for businesses because it frees you time to concentrate on the important aspect of your business - YOUR BRAND STRATEGY.

Smart retailers shift the time they would have spent on product formulation, packaging, etc. to build their brand strategy and marketing plan to increase product penetration and profit margin.

As a niche hair expert, you allow your customers to experience your professionalism in their homes on a daily level with your branded products.

A private label allows you to extend your expertise and the trust that your customers have in you into your product bottles.

For example, when a customer picks up a bottle of your hair oil during styling, they experience your product the way they experience your in-salon expertise. This can go on till the experiences become inseparable.

So, how do you build a successful brand strategy with a private label?

You can build a successful brand strategy with a private label by doing the following:

Building a unique personality for your product

The truth is that most customers are not aware of the fact that most products in the same niche are not necessarily different. What differentiates one brand from the other is the personality and experience that the owner infused into the product.

Customers will choose one product over the other because of what they know about the product. People will buy a new product either because of the experience they have with the seller/brand or the promise of value that they are to expect.

Create anticipation for your product through marketing

With a good marketing plan, you can create anticipation for your product even before the launch. Social media channels can help you create a buzz and build anticipation for your product.

For example; as a hairstylist, you can create useful content on your page and build loyal followings. Your followers trust you because of your expertise and personality. Getting your followers to buy your product will be easy because they will transfer their experience with you to the product.

Private-label helps you to free up time to concentrate on your brand which will eventually help you to build customer loyalty and greater income potential.

The most important strategy for any business is to; increase income and build loyal returning customers.

This is what private-label helps businesses and retailers to achieve.

4 Tips to Successfully Sell A Private-Label Product

It can be truly exciting to launch your private-label hair care product line. It is an amazing way to establish your professionalism and salon brand. It is a way of proving that you know what you are doing and are equally good at it.

That said, you need to put in some work to successfully sell your private-label hair care product(s). Here are some tips to help you successfully sell your private-label product:

  1. Work with an Excellent Private-Label Hair Care Product Manufacturer

The first step to successfully selling a private-label hair care product is to first find and work with an excellent private-label haircare manufacturer.

This is important because you want to introduce a high-quality product that will add value to your customers. A great hair care product will help you to build loyal returning customers, which is fundamental.

Your product is the core of your brand!

A top-notch marketing strategy with a bad product will fail eventually. The best way to ensure that you are projecting a great product is to work with a good private-label hair care manufacturer that understands what you want to achieve.

  1. Work with a Team or a Support System

Suddenly showing up with a private-label product for your brand may not be a good strategy for your business. If you own a salon, then you should carry your stylist/members of your salon along in your launch plans.

Share the reason for the product launch with them so that they see the value of the product, see it as theirs, and also use it on customers.

Having your team members in your salon participate in the product creation (choosing the right private-label manufacturer, product name, logo, etc.) will help spread the news of the product.

Even if you work independently, you can turn your loyal online customers into team members. If they already trust what you do, then they will support your product and help spread the word.

You can organize a competition to make your followers choose the name of the product, predict the launch date, refer-a-buyer-and-get-a commission, etc.

  1. Market Your Brand

Once you have gotten a good product, the next thing that will help you successfully sell your private haircare product is MARKETING.

The effort you put into getting the word about your product out will determine how many sales you will make.

The good thing about private-label is that it not only helps you to free up time, it also improves your profit margins.

These two factors will help you increase product sales. You can use the product formulation time to plan your brand/marketing strategy, then use your extra income to re-invest in your marketing plans.

The following ideas can help you market your brand and increase sales:

a. If you own a salon, you can make a social media post of your stylists using your product to achieve certain styles. As a solopreneur, you can post videos where you used the product to achieve certain styles on yourself or a model.

b. Use the products to create a contest for your clients and followers. You can include the product in your gift set.

c. You can brand your salon with the product or place ads on your social media pages to increase visibility.

Placing your product on the shelf and expecting people to quickly pick them up will likely not work. You need to be intentional if you want to sell your private-label hair care product.

How to Prevent Product Failure with a Private-Label

If you have the vision to grow your hair care business or salon, then a private label may be the best option for you.

You can increase your profit margin and build a strong brand identity with private-label, but is that always the case? Private-label is a great choice for businesses, but some things can go wrong and affect sales.

To prevent product failure with private-label, you have to prevent the following:

Doing a scanty research

When it comes to launching a private-label hair care product, research is key. Good research will first help you find the right private-label manufacturer to work with.

Asides from choosing the right private-label hair care manufacturer, you can also find a great niche for your product. Some hair care product niches are very competitive and may lead to low sales volume.

Good research will help you discover a high-value and less competitive niche. With a low competitive niche, your product can easily stand out and gain trust from customers quickly.

Not Building a Brand Identity

Building a brand identity is an extremely important factor when using a private label. Your branding is what will help your product stand out from others.

The truth is that many sellers are selling similar products to yours in the same niche. This can make it difficult for you to make sales.

You can build a brand identity for your private-label product by finding out your product’s unique selling points and leveraging them.

What will differentiate your product from the others is your unique brand identity. Let your customers see that in all your products.

Launching your private-label hair care product is the next step in your hair care business. It will help you increase your profit margin, and build a brand without passing through the stress of product formulation and meeting up with orders.

Building a successful private-label hair care brand starts with finding the right private-label hair care manufacturer.

Contact now! If you want to get started with your private-label black hair care product line.