How Do You Use Locking Firm Wax?

This blog is about How Do You Use Locking Firm Wax?

11/6/20224 min read

Did you just start to lock your hair?

Dreadlock is a hairstyle that hardly goes out of fashion. People have been locking their hair for ages, and it is still a trending hairstyle today

If you are beginning your dreadlocks journey, I guess you have one big question on your mind as regards forming, maintaining, and styling your locks.

What product should I use and How should I use it?

I understand that it can be confusing to choose a product, especially when you have thousands of product opinions thrown at you online.

One common product in the dreadlock world is locking firm wax. Since you just started locking your hair, you would want to know how to use locking firm wax and how it works.

How does locking firm wax work?

Locking wax is a haircare product that is used to form and maintain dreadlocks mostly in the beginning stages of a dreadlock journey. Locking firm wax helps to keep the lock in place and allows for a cleaner look.

Locking firm wax helps to form and maintain locks by taming stray hairs and keeping frizzes stuck to each other during application (palm rolling).

Most locking firm waxes are made from popular ingredients like; beeswax, petroleum jelly, natural binding ingredients like honey, essential oils, natural vitamins like vitamin E, etc.

All the ingredients contained in locking wax come together to give a mature look to a forming dread.

How does hair-locking firm wax locks the hair?

The consistency of the locking firm wax helps it to keep the hair strands locked.

Locking firm wax is made from products that naturally bind the strands of the hair together. Beeswax which is one of the common ingredients has a thick consistency just as the name implies.

The sticky nature of the wax helps the strand of hair to stick together. Some locking form wax contains essential oils like; castor oil, coconut oils, etc. These oils provide the hair with essential vitamins that it needs to thrive and also add shine to the hair strands.

Some locking wax contains natural hydrants or moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera that provide moisture to hair strands.

Locking firm wax works by binding the strands of hair together.

Locking firm wax is a common dreadlock hair product because it helps people to achieve a clean lock without having to wait years for it. It is more like a short-cut approach.

How to use locking firm wax to define your dreadlocks?

You can successfully apply locking form wax to your dreadlock by following these simple procedures:

  1. Place your locking firm wax on a table, then use a plastic applicator knife to scoop the locking firm wax.

  2. Place the product on your palm, then loosen and warm it up by rubbing it between your palm.

  3. Apply the locking wax to each strand of your hair by rolling it in. Palm rolling your hair involves placing strands of your hair between your palm and firmly rubbing your palms together back and forth. You need to apply pressure during this process to help the hair form knots

  4. Start rolling your hair between your palm from the root while you gently work your way to the top. Rolling your hair from the roots help you to maintain a rolling pattern (whether right or left rolling).

  5. Repeat the same process for all your hair strands.

You don’t need to use locking firm wax often on your dreadlocks regularly. You can use them occasionally or when you feel a real need to.

Your hair texture may also determine how often you should use a locking wax. If you have thick coarse hair, you can use it once in a few weeks or a month, if you have fine or thin hair you can use it more occasionally (like once in a few months).

It is pretty simple to apply locking firm wax to your dreadlocks, but you need to be careful about some things. Things like:

  • Your choice of locking firm wax product

  • Your hair texture

  • Haircare tools for application

Your choice of locking form wax product

This is one of the most important steps in applying locking wax to your dreadlocks. You want to choose a locking wax product that will improve the health of your hair and work well with your texture.

You should choose a locking wax with moisturizing ingredients and essential oils. You don’t want to use a locking that will cause damage to your hair, especially at the beginning stage.

Your hair texture

Your hair texture will determine how you will apply the locking wax. If you have thick, black coarse natural hair, then you may be heavy-handed on the product. On the other hand, if you have thin or fine hair you may want to go light-handed on the product.

Using the right haircare tools during the application

Using the right tools will determine the result. You don’t need to use a hairbrush when applying locking wax.

You only need to use your fingers to prevent tension and for even product distribution. You may need tools like an applicator knife to scoop the product from the container.

The benefits of using locking firm wax on your dreadlocks

While locking wax may not be suitable for every hair texture because of the consistency of the product, here are some benefits of using locking wax on your dreadlocks.

You can achieve a temporary lock

If you like to switch up your hairstyle, then locking wax is your go-to hair product. Locking wax can help you achieve a temporary lock in a week or less, then you can take down the lock if you no longer want the look.

Provides structure to your dreadlocks

If you want your dreadlocks to be more structured with equal strands, then you may need a locking wax. It makes your hair look more mature and clean.

A great option for thick hair

Locking firm wax is a great product for thick or curly hair that requires a little enhancement to bind together. Locking wax will help the hair strands stick together while forming the dreads

Locking firm wax does a good job of binding the strands of hair together and taming frizz. You may experience some challenges like; washing out wax residue and reducing the weight of the product on your hair (if you have thin/fine hair).