Does Hair Grow Faster in Braids?

Does Hair Grow Faster in Braids?

11/7/20224 min read

Do you often wear braids?

If you wear your braids for a long time, then you may wonder if they benefit your hair in any way. Braid is a protective hairstyle - the function of a protective hairstyle is to cover up the natural hair and protect it from frequent manipulation and environmental factors.

It is no news that many people use protective hairstyles like braids as a hair growth strategy. While this strategy has proven effective, you should however note the following:

  • The process of braiding your hair does not make it grow faster.

  • The hair extension that you use to braid your hair adds nothing to make it grow.

  • There are strategies for retaining length through braids.


Braid is a great protective style that helps you reduce the level of hair manipulation and retain length. So, does hair grow faster in braids?

The answer to this question is YES if properly done.

How Do Braids Help to Grow Hair Fast?

Just like we have said earlier, your hair can grow faster in braids but there is no magic to it. There is a logic to how braids help hair to grow faster. Let us understand how hair grows faster in braids.

Braiding does a lot of good to your hair which will eventually result in the physical growth that you may notice. Braiding your hair does the following:

Protects the hair from environmental factors

When you braid your hair, the hair extension is used to cover your hair strands. Your hair is trapped in between the hair extension.

The hair extension in this case serves as the shield for the hair against external factors like the weather, contact with physical objects, etc.

Environmental factors like the weather and other materials can cause the hair to break. Protecting your hair from these factors can help you save parts of your hair that could have been broken.

Reducing the level of manipulation

Your hair sheds naturally. An increased level of manipulation can cause your hair to shed even more. When you leave your hair loose, you expose it to a high level of manipulation. You would either weave it more (which will add tension to your hair) or comb it more.

No matter how gentle you are, a little manipulation can have an impact on your hair. Manipulating your hair often with too much tension can cause bald spots. Wearing braids can help you reduce the level of manipulation.

A decreased level of hair manipulation indirectly increases the level of hair length retention.

Helping your scalp and hair rest

Your hair needs some time to rest from all the combing and styling for it to grow healthy. Wearing braids for some time gives your scalp and hair some time to rest.

How can i grow my hair fasters in braids
How can i grow my hair fasters in braids

How can I Grow my Hair Faster in Braids?

If you are trying to grow your hair, then wearing braids can help them grow faster (considering the factors above). Growing your 4C natural hair from scratch can be challenging because it is short and difficult to style.

Wearing braids is one of the easiest ways to grow your 4C natural hair, but you have to do it properly to get results.

Understand your hair texture

You should always consider the texture of your hair when choosing a hairstyle. Braids are a good protective hairstyle, but different installation methods work differently for different hair textures.

The braid installation method for thick hair is different from the installation method for thin/fine hair.

Choose the hair extension that works well with your hair texture

While some people have thick, stretchy strands that can withstand tension others have fragile thin/fine hair.

Different hair extensions are used to install braids, while some are heavy others are light. If you have thin/fine hair, then you should choose a lightweight hair extension. Hair extensions like yarn or pre-plucked braiding hairs add less tension to the hair and scalp.

Install your preferred hair extension carefully

How you install your preferred hair extension will determine the result you get. If you install it correctly (following all the precautions), you will experience growth. If you pull too hard on your hair during installation, you may develop bald spots or tractional alopecia in severe conditions.

Make sure you gently hold the roots of your hair when braiding your hair. Moisturizing your hair and using braid creams help your hair slip during braiding. Leaving your hair dry may increase the severity of the grip during braiding.

Braiding your hair is meant to protect and not cause damage to it.

Continue to care for your hair and scalp while wearing braids

One of the ways to get the best out of braiding your hair is to continually care for it while it is braided. Oiling your hair, moisturizing it, and properly styling it can help you get the most from it.

Asides from applying healthy hair products, carefully styling it can help you retain length. Putting your hair in a high bun immediately after installing your braids can cause bald spots or scalp irritation.

Choose a style that will not put too much tension on your scalp or damage your hair. Leaving your braids loose or putting them in a loose bun may work just fine.

Carefully take down your braids

The process of removing your braids is as important as the installation. If you have worn your braids for 6 weeks or more, you may notice new growths.

Carefully taking down your braids will ensure you retain all the new growths. You may damage your hair if you carelessly remove your braids.

Removing your braids is a process and one that must be done with care. This is the most important process for retaining length through braids. Removing your braids can be a long process, but using hair products like Tazol braid removal makes the process easy.

See how you can remove your braids without damaging your hair.

Braid is a protective style that helps in length retention for both natural and relaxed hair. Braids can help your hair grow faster if you follow the tips above.