Can Edge Control Wax Damage Your Edges

Can Edge Control Wax Damage Your Edges


7/14/20223 min read

Can you remember braiding your hair or putting it in a ponytail without applying edge control wax to your edges?

Edge control wax is one magic hair product that almost every black lady has. Although edge control wax helps you to sleek down those baby hairs and give your hair a perfect finish, it can also damage your edges.

Yes, edge control wax can damage your edges.

Edge control wax can damage your edges when you use a bad product or misuse it, especially without considering your hair texture.

Different factors can make an edge control wax damage your edges, factors like:

  • The edge control wax that you are using.

  • The texture of your hair.

  • Wrong edge control wax practices.

The edge control wax product that you are using

Using the wrong edge control wax product can damage your edges. Different makers formulate their edge control wax in a variety of ways.

While some manufacturers are after the sleek-down result that their product will give your edges, others are more concerned about the health of your hair.

Even if you are trying to achieve fine and sleek edges, you should not compromise the health of your hair for a super-strong hold.

Some products contain more alcohol than moisturizers and essential oils. These kinds of products will likely dry out your edges and make them more prone to breakage.

The best way to make sure you are not compromising the health of your hair and still laying your edges is to choose the right product.

Choose a product that contains; hyaluronic acid, castor oil, biotin (B7), and other essential ingredients. “Orbeste edge control wax” contains all of these and more.

The texture of your hair

Different hair products work for different textures. All black hairs are not the same, while some people have thick hairs with tighter curls, others have finer or thinner hairs.

Using a super strong edge control wax will work well for thick hair because the hair can withstand the tension from the hold.

On the other hand, edge control wax may not be a good choice for very fine hair. The thinner or finer the hair, the less tension or hold is required. A hair butter or water-based gel may be better for very fine hair.

You may not need to use edge control wax if you have very soft baby hairs. Using edge control wax on already fragile baby hairs can damage your edges.

Wrong edge control wax practices

You can still experience damage around your edges even when you have thick edges and are using a good product.

Using an edge control wax product wrongly can cause your edge to break off easily. The following practices can damage your edge:

  • Using a hard brush to lay the baby hairs: Using hard brushes to lay your baby hairs can add too much tension to your edges which might eventually cause them to break off. Use your fingers or a soft brush to lay your baby hairs.

  • You apply layers of edge control wax to your edges day after day: Applying layers of edge control wax day after day without breaking it up with a comb or using a satin scarf can damage your edges.

  • Wearing sleeked-back hairstyles all the time can cause damage to your edges: Adding edge control wax to your go-to sleeked-back hairstyle can cause damage to your hair. Try to put your hair in loose buns sometimes to reduce tension.

We understand that laying your baby hairs add more beauty to your hairstyle, but we advise that you make sure your hair is regularly moisturized to prevent damage.

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