All You Should Know about Locking Your Hair (beginners dreadlocks FAQs)

All You Should Know about Locking Your Hair

11/6/20220 min read

Are you thinking of locking your hair?

No doubt, dreadlocks are hairstyles that not only look beautiful but also expel confidence. Dreadlocks are an ever-green and trendy hairstyle. Many people rocked it years ago and in recent times.

If you are looking for a wake-up-and-go yet versatile hairstyle, then wearing dreadlocks is your answer.

With dreadlocks, you can wake up and attend an important event without spending hours in the saloon. The convenience and ease of wearing dreadlocks do not cancel their versatility. You can switch up your hairstyle to suit your needs while wearing dreads.

Dreadlock is indeed a trendy hairstyle, but you should understand what wearing dreadlocks entail before getting one.

In this article, we will answer frequently asked questions about dreadlocks.

All you should know about wearing dreadlocks (Dreadlocks FAQs)

If you are about to loc your hair or just started your loc journey, you may have questions about how to grow and maintain your dreadlocks. Take a look at some answers to your questions about dreadlocks:

How do I loc my hair?

There are different methods for forming dreadlocks. While naturally curly and kinky hair can easily form coils and matt without necessarily doing anything, straight/ loose hair will require some manual efforts to create locs.

If you can’t wait to create a free-form loc on your hair, you can visit a loctician to help you start your locs. Depending on your hair texture, the loctician will advise you on the best methods.

You can start your locks with different styles like; three-twist strands, two-twist strands, sister locs, braids, etc.

You may need some hair products like locking cream, locking spray, locking gel, or wax to start your locs. Most of these hair products contain beeswax and essential oils that help to soothe the scalp and bind hair strands.

Every hair is unique, so you may need to consult a loctician to advise you on the products to use.

Do dreadlocks damage the hair?

Well-done and maintained dreadlocks do not cause damage to the hair. Notwithstanding, an unmaintained dreadlock can damage the hair.

Dreadlocks can trap specks of dirt easily. Wash your dreadlocks regularly with a clarifying shampoo. Dirty dreadlocks can irritate the scalp and prevent your hair from absorbing nutrients from your hair products.

Your dreadlock starting style can also cause scalp and hair damage. Choosing a style that requires too much tension during installation may cause damage to fine/thin hair.

Always consult a professional before choosing products or hairstyles.

Do dreadlocks require high maintenance?

Contrary to popular opinion, dreadlocks are not high-maintenance hairstyles. Understanding your hair type and what works best will help you maintain your dreadlocks without spending too much.

You can grow healthy and long dreadlocks with haircare products like; shampoo, essential oils (jojoba oil, rosemary oil, olive oil, etc.), and moisturizers (you can use water or any water-based moisturizer).

Unlike loose hair, it is easier to retain length when wearing dreads because of little or low manipulation.

Can I unlock my dreadlocks?

Yes, you can unlock your dreads. Your loc starting style and how long you have worn them will determine how they will be unlocked.

It may take a professional to unlock your dreads if you started with a complicated style. If you have not worn your dreads for a long time or started with simple styles like palm rolling, then you can unlock it yourself.

You can unlock uncomplicated dreadlocks using haircare products like detanglers, leave-in conditioners, etc.

How can I care for my dreadlocks?

You need to understand your hair texture before you can properly care for it. For example; curly or kinky hair is drier than straight hair. You will need to invest more in hydrants to moisturize your hair.

Dry hair is prone to breakage. Although, you may not need to moisturize your dreadlocks as much as your loose hair, avoid leaving your hair dry.

You can care for your dreads by following these basic steps:

  • Wash your dreadlocks at least once in 2-weeks.

  • Use water, light-weight oil, and moisturizers to seal-in moisture.

  • Put your hair in simple protective styles.

  • Wrap your hair in a satin bonnet before sleeping at night.

  • Use dreadlock products like Orbeste hair gel and wax to define and tame flyaways.

What should I do before locking my hair?

Locking your hair is a journey, you should do the following before starting the journey:

Do a research

Before you start your dreads, you need to research to find out if the journey is for you. If you are unsure of locking your hair, you can start with temporary dreads like synthetic dreads, yarns, twist out, etc. to see if you are ready for the journey.

Consult a good loctician

Make sure to consult a good loctician before locking your hair. A good loctician will advise you on the right products, starting style, and methods to care for your dreadlocks.

A good loctician will understand your hair texture and adopt methods that will help you achieve the thickness and uniformity you want to see on your dreadlocks.

Dedicate time to routine care

Before you lock your hair, dedicate time to creating a regimen for your dreadlocks. Creating a regimen will help you set a maintenance routine without stress.

What can I use to lock my hair?

There are different methods for locking loose hair like two-strand twist, interlocking, braids, etc. You can use a sponge to loc your short hair.

Hair products like locking gels and wax can help bind strands of your hair together when starting your locs.

Before you use any product on your dreadlocks, make sure you do good research. While some product helps to bind and add shine to your dreadlocks, some can damage your hair.

Always go for products that improve the appearance of your dreadlocks while improving their health.

If you are looking for great products for your dreadlocks, you should try Orbeste locking gel and wax.

Tazol locking gel and wax provide hold to your dreadlocks regardless of your hair texture. It is made with natural ingredients that don’t compromise the health of your hair.

Check the price for Tazol locking gel or wax.