What is Edge Wax Used For?

What is Edge Wax Used For?


7/14/20223 min read

Have you ever wondered what edge wax is used for?

Edge wax is a hair styling product that is usually used to give a classic and clean finish to hairstyles. You use edge wax just like you use your regular hair gels, the difference is that edge wax has a stronger hold than hair gels.

The main purpose of the edge wax is to tame stray hairs and keep all hairs in the preferred position. This is the general purpose of edge wax, but edge wax can be used for specific purposes too.

Different ways you can use edge wax

Different people decide to use edge wax in different ways and for different reasons like:

  1. To slick down little hairs around the perimeter of their heads (also known as baby hairs).

  2. To define patterns and paths during hair styling.

  3. To create defined curl patterns around the edges of their head for a finer finish.

Asides from slicking down baby hairs, it is almost impossible to achieve certain hairstyles without the use of hair wax.

Many hair stylists prefer to use hair wax to finish some hairstyles because of its stronghold and its ability to make the style last longer.

Hairstyles like:

  • Pixie cut

  • Ponytail

  • Leave-out sew-in hair extensions, etc.

For these kinds of hairstyles, the hair wax does more than lay down baby hairs. The edge wax is used to define the hairstyle and make it look as natural as possible.

For a pixie cut, the wax holds the hairs (whether natural hair or false hair) at the different layers. It helps you to achieve a nicer and cleaner finish at the end of the day.

For ponytails, it helps to perfectly sleek down the hair to form a perfect bun or pony without any leave-outs.

Hair wax is also a great hair styling product to help you achieve a seamless blend if you want to leave out your natural hair while adding hair extensions.

Edge wax can also be used for your natural hair. The main purpose of the edge wax is to control the hair around the edges of your head.

The hairs in this location are usually delicate, that is why it is important to choose a hair product that caters for the needs of these delicate hairs.

A good edge wax should leave your hair healthy and at the same time help you achieve your desired look, as well as lay your edges without coil backs.

A great choice would be a non-greasy, non-flaky, no build-up, and easy-to-wash-out edge wax.

No doubt, edge wax is common for textured, curly, and kinky hairs. The truth is that there are different edge waxes that are most suitable for different hair types.

For example;

  • Super-strong hold edge wax will be more suitable for 4C and 4B hair types.

  • A super-strong hold may be too much for 3C and 3B hairs because these hair types do not require a firm hold.

Also, the quantity of edge wax that you use depends on what you want to achieve. You may need to use a little portion (you can scoop a little with your index finger) if you just want to lay your baby hairs.

You may need more if you want to use it to style hair extensions like your human hair frontal wig installation.

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